A Q&A With Ourselves

What is Onwords?

A new way for writers to get better, get readers and get paid.

Woah! How? How? And How?

  1. Experiment, collaborate, and evolve with the help of the Onwords’ editorial team.
  2. Get discovered on the platform and engage with audiences.
  3. Offer paid content for your readership.

Are you really interviewing yourself right now for this about page?


Cool. How do you choose who writes on Onwords?

Our writers go through an application process (find it here). We want writers who are dedicated to honing their craft and building a long-lasting community. We prioritize historically overlooked writers, but all are welcome.

What kind of things do they write?

Whatever they want! Poetry, fiction, essays, chapbooks, novels, serials, collections, ruminations, and so on and on. They can also engage with their readers more with insights about their work, behind-the-scenes content, and open feedback.

How is this different from a blog?

Our writers are vetted. Our staff is here to help. Our mission is to get writing into the hands of readers by collaborating and sharing in our success. Too often, writers are left out there, alone, surfing the internet waves–and we’re the top-of-the-line surfboard.

Wait, you sell surfboards?

Hey, don’t let this joke go on too long, alright?

Fine. Sorry, why don’t you just explain the rest, then?

Onwords goals are to publish, educate, distribute, and monetize. We want writers to have readers, readers to have value, and to be a new type of community for a literary establishment where writers have been overlooked, readers have been forgotten, and money has been going into all the wrong pockets.

Our writers receive 90% of everything they make from readers on this platform (after credit card processing fees). For that extra 10%, we will help them find those readers and improve their craft.