The Who Freakin' Cares Writing Contest for Poetic Rejects

Brought to you by Chill Subs & Onwords! (ChillWords? Chords!)

What’s this contest about?

Aren’t you tired of paying for contests? I mean, why doesn’t anyone do a writing contest for admirable reasons anymore?

Like shameless self-promotion.

So, we’re stepping up.

Who freakin’ cares if your poem was rejected?

—We do. Because now you can submit it to this contest!

Yup. We are only accepting poems that have been previously rejected by magazines.

Why only poetry?

—Because we’re busy. And poor.

It’s okay if you are too. This contest has no entry fee. No long-waits. This will be a two-week contest, and all you need to enter is a Chill Subs account and a screenshot of your rejection letter.

You can submit 3 poems max.

What's it going to be like?

Like a beauty pageant for mismatched socks, a three-legged dog show, a hot-dog eating contest for dumpster divers.

i.e. Fun. Weird. Sexy.

Why submit?

Because if you don't, one day you will die. Civilization will crumble. Pigs will evolve, grow thumbs, stand up, dig through the wreckage of mankind, find some rejected writer’s iPhone, boot it up, oink, open the notes app on the phone, see sixteen different drafts of something called a “bio,” read that this poor reject won ‘The Who Freakin’ Cares Contest’ before the phone dies, worship them, build statues to them, immortalize them as the last known human, and base centuries of discoveries around the misconception that all human achievement was in pursuit of this one award. Now, when that happens—well—won’t you look stupid?

Also, money:

🥇 1st Place: $100

🥈 2nd Place: $50

🥉 3 Honorable Mentions: $25 each

All winners will receive featured publication on Onwords. Also, fame and eternal glory (obv.)

How will judging work?

This contest will be judged by Karina Kupp & Benjamin Davis from Chill Subs and Luyi Zhang from Onwords.

Round 1: We will choose 10 finalists (Since we hate rejection letters, if you’re not selected as a finalist, you will simply be sent a picture of an ostrich)

Round 2: We will have a community vote on Onwords to determine the winners.