Realize your value. Create your community. Fund your writing.

Onwords is a new type of literary community for readers and writers.

Fill out your application today. (No, we’re not going to charge you–now or ever)


What do we publish?

Well, whatever you want to write; fiction, poetry, cnf, flash.

You do your thing, and we’ll take care of the rest. Bend genres, craft a novel, build a tower of babbling poetry, go nuts–long form, short form, formless, whatever. Import works or create them in our flexible editor with hands-on support from Onwords.

Yup! Our team offers editorial feedback, social media outreach, design consultations, and more–just ask us. We’ll release tips, industry insights, Q&As, and more to help you take your writing–and presence as a writer–to a new level.

Network with–ew, no. Blossom alongside–wtf? Ahem…

Be in community with fellow writers to improve your writing, and work alongside them. Need character feedback? Want to collaborate? Can’t decide on the right way to begin an important sentence? No fear!

Get access to our super-secret discord channel, collaborate with Onwords’ writers, and get in on some you-show me yours, I’ll show you mine action.

Find the right readers. Provide behind-the-scenes content, engage with incentivized feedback, and build a deeply connected following.

Publish and get paid. Or publish and don’t ask for money–dealer’s choice.

Monetize your work by creating paid content. For example, post a story–set the price at $1 (or whatever you want)–and readers can pay to read it. Easy. Take home 90% of everything you earn (after credit card processing fees).

In the future, writers will be able to sell merch in our digital merch store; illustrations, posters, services, and more.


Any questions? We got you.

  • Yes, we prioritize historically overlooked writers. (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and writers with disabilities)

  • Yes, previously published works are totally cool. (just check with them first)

  • Yes, you own 100% of the work you create. (We have built-in measures to disable copy-paste for readers.)

  • No, we won’t pick up your dry cleaning (unless you live in the Bay Area and ask real-real nice).

Any more? Shoot us an email:


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